You can log into your registration to modify your transportation, if you would like assistance please contact Rachel Crane Please see below the bus schedule for directions.

Bus Schedule

Denver International Airport to Westin Snowmass

Departure Time

Sunday, April 2                 4 p.m.                  FULL

Monday, April 3                4 p.m.                 LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE, check with Rachel

Tuesday, April 4                 5 p.m.                AVAILABLE SEATS

Wednesday, April 5            2 p.m.                AVAILABLE SEATS

Wednesday, April 5             7 p.m.               FULL

Westin Snowmass to Denver International Airport

Departure Time

Sunday, April 9                   5 a.m.               AVAILABLE SEATS

Sunday, April 9                   8 a.m.               AVAILABLE SEATS

Sunday, April 9                   10 a.m.             AVAILABLE SEATS

Sunday, April 9                    3 p.m.              LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE, check with Rachel

Monday, April 10                6 a.m.               FULL

Monday, April 10                10 a.m.            FULL



  • Click Here to go to the registration sign in link.
  • Then Enter Your Confirmation number: The number you received after finishing registration
  • Click OK
  • Scroll down and click NEXT to skip through the first 3 pages unless you need to change your answers to any of the questions
  • On the classes and courses page you will see classes listed mostly by time/day. Please scroll down the page until you see the section header OPTION TO ADD TRANSPORTATION
    • The first group of times/days is to choose a bus leaving Denver International Airport and traveling to Snowmass. Make sure to select a time at least 2 hours after your plane arrives.
    • The second group of times/days is choose a bus leaving Snowmass and traveling to Denver International Airport. Please choose a time no later than 7 hours before your plane departs. The travel time back averages 4 hours but in case of bad road conditions or traffic plan for 5 hours and 2 hours for check in/security.
  • Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click NEXT
  • Continue to click next until it allows you to enter your payment information and click finish.
  • Each person in your group will need to follow this process if they would like a seat on our charter bus.


What company are the charter buses with? US Coachways. The buses feature high back reclining seats, TV, and bathroom. See the above video for more details on the busses.

What is the cancellation policy? Feb 1st is the cutoff date to receive the full amount back bus seats to cancel email

What if my plane is delayed? The bus will leave at the scheduled time, if you are delayed past the schedule time you will need to make other arrangements.  Your seats are prepaid for so unfortunately there are no refunds if you miss the bus.

Where can I find the bus when I arrive at Denver International Airport? Door 509 level 5 East Side

Where do I load the bus in Snowmass to go back to DIA? In the circle parking lot in front of the Westin and Wildwood.

Is there a bathroom on the bus? YES!!!

How long is the drive? The average drive time is 4 hours but traffic and road conditions can impact the drive time

How much is the Bus? $35 each way, you can purchase each way or a single direction.